2.5 oz Refinishing Wax Bar

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Help protect your bag by touching up the rough spots with our refinishing wax.

After heavy use, it can be helpful to touch up the most heavily worn spots on your gear with our refinishing wax. One bar is enough to cover the rough spots and bring life and extra durability back into the canvas.

Why use our wax? Different waxed canvas manufacturers have different formulas for their wax. So for the best results, we recommend you use our refinishing wax because it is the formula that matches our canvas.

Application is easy. Simply rub the bar into the canvas in the spots that have received the most wear, and then heat it up with a hair dryer. The wax will melt and soak back into the canvas. Use the corners of the bar to get into the seams and hard to reach areas. Repeat until you reach the desired result.

If trying for the first time, pick a spot that's difficult to see. After you are happy with the results, continue to the other sections that need refinishing.