About Us

Chris and Randi Freeman are Emerger Fly Fishing. Emerger began in 2014 with a desire to make the finest quality handmade fly fishing gear available. Gear designed to be a balance of simplicity, functionality and style, and built to last a lifetime. 

We are drawn to fly fishing because it is a journey; there is no point of arrival. It is simply the pursuit of excellence and art (along with the desire to catch beautiful fish); and that pursuit lends itself to great adventures and great stories. Crafting gear that is made to last, our gear becomes a companion that helps to tell the stories of our experiences.

Our standard of quality comes from the fact that each piece is never touched by more than two sets of hands. That means that attention to detail can be our highest priority as we are intimately familiar with every product that goes out our door. From cutting and sewing the canvas to all of the leatherwork, each piece is crafted as if it were going to be our own. We use materials like waxed canvas, English bridle leather and brass because they are materials that have stood the test of time over decades and decades of use.

Each product begins its life unique from the rest and will grow more unique and personal with every new adventure. What stories will your gear tell?

Emerger. For those who journey.