Our Quality

At Emerger Fly Fishing, we create quality fly fishing bags and wallet organizers craft with time-tested materials, like canvas, brass and English bridle leather.

Our Craftsmanship

We are not a big company. There are only two of us. That means that at any point in the production process, only two sets of hands ever touch our fly fishing bags and wallet organizers. From cutting canvas, to sewing, and all of the leather work, it is all done in-house, by us. That means that we are intimately involved with everything that leaves our shop.

It also means that quality control is front and center. We believe in our gear, and stand by our craftsmanship and materials.

Our Materials

Waxed Canvas

Waxed canvas has been in use in one form or fashion for centuries. It is highly water repellent and abrasion resistant. We like to say that it wears in, rather than wears out. It actually looks better over time and develops a nice patina similar to leather.


Leather has been in use even longer than waxed canvas and we chose English Bridle Leather because it is specifically designed for use in the equestrian industry. It is extremely strong and is also very water repellent because it is meant for extensive, heavy use outdoors. English Bridle Leather can be stiff at first but breaks in very well looks awesome as it ages, developing really nice character.


Brass doesn't rust. This is a big deal because you are a fly angler and adventurer so you are out in the river, getting rained on and snowed on all the time. Brass is also stronger than using plastic hardware and won't break if you accidentally sit on it or slam it in your car door. It also looks killer, and like all of our materials it looks better as it ages.