Cameron Side Bag - Brown

Cameron Side Bag - Brown

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Some anglers need a bit more organizational space. A little extra room for another fly box, or a few extra supplies. This side bag is for you.

When we began designing the Cameron, we had two priorities. First, we wanted to create a side bag that provided more internal organizational space. Second, we wanted a better way to carry a net. So we placed a net slot on the front of the bag. Now it's secure, and its away from your body. So you don't have to cram it uncomfortably in your wading belt. Or stuff it between your pack and your body. And best of all, you don't have to remove it or reach around it to access the internal pockets of your bag.

Like our Cache Side Bag, the Cameron Side Bag is hand crafted with the same classic style from natural materials, like 18oz waxed canvas and 12oz english bridle leather. A piece of gear that will wear in rather than wear out. 

This bag has plenty of internal storage to accommodate all of your gear for a day on the water and still enough room to pack a lunch. The main compartment is spacious and has four pockets large enough to hold a large fly box, streamer box or whatever else you might want to put in there. An enlarged front pocket has an internal divide and is plenty big to accommodate an extra fly box or two and all the other random stuff you need to carry with you, like dry shake, extra leaders or sink tips, or whatever else you can think of.

On the outside, tools like tippet spools, floatant, nippers, etc. can be attached via two leather accessory tabs and two larger grommeted tabs, and there are two open pockets for you to carry your hydroflask or can of your favorite craft beer or to simply hold trash or extras.

All bags come standard with our Creel Style Strap. The adjustable 12oz english bridle leather strap is our take on traditional creel straps. This strap keeps your bag snuggly at your side and prevents it from swinging around in front of you when you bend over to land a fish (see below for information on ordering which side to carry the bag on). That way you can focus all of your attention on returning that beautiful cutthroat back to its home. 

You need a bag that simplifies your experience on the water. One that allows you devote all of your attention to fishing and concentrate on watching for that next cutthroat to rise to your fly.

Shouldn’t you carry a bag as classic and artistic as fly fishing itself?


Product Specifications 
Product includes bag, leather strap and shoulder pad.


  • 18oz Waxed canvas
  • 10oz Waxed army shelter cloth
  • 500D Cordura lining
  • 12oz English bridle leather
  • Brass


  • Brown, Yellow


  • 11”L x 7”D x 8”H 


*Bags and strap are right and left specific. Please indicate which side you wish for the bag to hang on. Choose right side if the bag will be under your right arm. Choose left side if the bag will be under your left arm. 

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