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Hear the story behind Emerger Fly Fishing

 Wet Fly Swing

Check out our interview on the Wet Fly Swing podcast. Hear more about how grunge music, the Air Force, growing up in Alaska, raising daughters, and adventuring on our local Fort Collins’ waters has influenced our company and the gear we make.

Stay at home shop sounds

Through the COVID-19 outbreak, stay-at-home orders meant working around family. In between runs of leatherwork and assembling bags, I was grabbing snacks for kids while they completed online school. Work-life integration was the name of the game. Here's a glimpse into that time.

How to wear our creel strap

Our creel strap makes it easy for you to access your fly fishing gear when you need it, and then keep it out of your way when you don't. Made of English bridle leather and brass components, the creel-style strap comes standard with all of our bags. Watch to learn more about why we love our strap, as well as how to connect it and use it properly.